Safe Money Strategies

Safe Money Video:

Safe money places are vehicles for the money you cannot afford to lose; they're accounts that provide peace of mind knowing that you have the safety of principal against loss due to market fluctuations. Like the stock market, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, and real estate, risk money places have no guarantees. While there is potential for 'high' returns in risk money places, there is also the potential of 'losing' your principal.

These safe money accounts provide the potential for attractive returns and guaranteed lifetime income without accepting the losses of risk money places. Given today's low-interest rates and continued high risk of market fluctuation, and the risk of losing money nearing retirement, safe money strategies like Indexed Annuities may be right for you.

How would you like a guaranteed safe plan that pays gains based on a stock market index return but protects your principal when the market declines? Heads you win, tails you don't lose. Accounts link to a stock market index, and you participate in a portion of the gains and are protected from the losses. If the stock market index goes down, you do not lose your principle; your money is safe.

One of the most popular savings platforms of the last 17 years of this type is Fixed Index Annuities, or FIAs. Essentially, these vehicles allow you to gain market-linked interest without exposing yourself to the risk of actually being in the market. You receive the potential of the upside of the stock and bond markets without the risk of loss of principal.

A fixed index annuity is an alternative for consumers who need safety and want to see their funds increase while at the same time deferring the tax liability. In the case of a fixed index annuity, you get safety, growth potential, tax advantages, beneficiary planning advantages, and a guaranteed income for life.